Sunday, 22 February 2015

wheelchair shoplifter outrage

have you seen this video  that was on The Indedpendent newspaper website recently?   have a watch   

outrageous isn't it?

did you find yourself fuming?    i did

did you feel the injustice?          i did

did you want to take action?     i did

did you feel righteous anger?   i did

do i want to know, exactly, what it was that made you feel that way?

probably not !!!  because i'm pretty sure most people's reactions, fed and watered by our media and government, will revolve around the predictable scrounger, fraud, something for nothing carousel that passes for considered debate in these febrile times.

do you want to know what raised my blood pressure?  probably not!!!  but i'd like to tell you anyway if you would be so kind to spare me a moment.  

it's that every day, all over the country, in supermarkets, off licenses, corner shops, department stores millions of pounds worth of food and desirables are pilfered, purloined, pinched and pocketed and it doesn't result in a viral video until it includes a wheelchair.

these "playful" references to Little Britain hide an ugly attitude towards the visibly less able fueled by a deeply hidden fear that we are all just a moment away from their,  MY,   normality.   a slip on the stairs, the swerve to avoid a child blithely stepping off the curb, a rogue gene deciding to go into overdrive, a blood vessel in the brain popping during exercise all have the potential to lead us by the hand to that wheelchair.   we don't think about it because in that direction madness lies instead we turn our fear into dubious humour or derision or scepticism or persecution. time i'm in Marks & Spencer stocking up on yummy nom nom edibles and the lasagna is a shelf above my reach, will i arise from my chariot and exercise the little independence left to me or will i sit and wait for a helping hand, looking pathetic and needy, fearful of suspicion or censure.   

i don't know...........i really don't know



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