Friday, 20 February 2015

poorly people prefer pets

Well, here's a thought.   means tested or not,  how about pensioner pet subsidies?   And how about extending that to the disabled and depressed and despairing?

There's an abundance of studies that show pets improve the mental and physical well being of those who are housebound or poorly.   Come on, how could the furry face above not make you smile.   Doctors in Tower Hamlets are even prescribing pet petting (sorry couldn't resist the puny pun) for their patients in nursing homes.   have a look at the link below

If government is serious about wanting the elderly or those with "complex needs" to be less of a drain on the NHS perhaps a subscription to the local vet or Pet Shop would have more "added value", to use wonk speak, than a TV licence.   instead of sitting passively for hours on end in front of unedifying daytime Jeremy Kyle try  watching a cat playing hunt the mousy with a piece of string.    surely a hamster turning on it's wheel can't be more mind numbing than the soaps.    an animal needs feeding, entertaining, cleaning, grooming, stroking just as we do and these can be shared pleasures that enhance the positives of a limited life in the absence of the ability to get out into human company.

Let's start a campaign, Poorly People Prefer Pets.

Till then i'll continue to take my furry out visiting my neighbours who are shut in.   i enjoy it, the ladies enjoy it, i hope Mister Cat enjoys it ?!?

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