Wednesday, 18 February 2015

write a blog they said

"write a blog"  they said
"who would read it?"  i said
"you might be surprised"   they said
go on, surprise me ......please?

life in a broken body is definitely interesting, sometimes challenging, always surprising. 

the kindness's of strangers, the tricks to achieve the seemingly unachievable, the costs and the gains, all things i didn't know were part of existence until it became my normality.  The lack of supported housing for those with prematurely aged bodies that means even the youngish end up living among the elderly,  fighting to retain an active and questioning mind, horrified to find that grumpy Victor Meldrewishness seems to be an integral attitude of those over a certain age.  All this and much more has become my world.

if  i can capture the intricacies of a life that's not yours..........yet, and, maybe, pre-prepare you of what's to come with a wry dollop of humour , then those who said "write a blog" will be vindicated.   If, on the other hand, nobody's really interested then at least these ramblings will be out of my head and onto the page and might help stave off the fear that i'll be old and isolated before my time.

so..............welcome to my blog.    i may be broken but...........i'm still standing

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