Friday, 13 March 2015

Fur Feathers Scales or Skin

A very dear friend, who shares half a name with the handsome boy whose portrait graces the  top of this blog, pointed out that though he has adorned several previous posts he hasn't been properly introduced, so..................please meet  Mister Cat 

AKA The Furry Fiend 

AKA Fuzzball 

AKA Little Podge

AKA Manic Manky Moggie,    ok, i just made that one up,  sorry, but he is.....manic,   and he was.....manky.   

In his own catty way he is as disabled emotionally as his owner is physically, and copes with that in much the same way, by being contrary,  spiky, bloody minded, and not a little selfish.   he experienced abandonment, abuse and ill health when young as i did, and when he encountered love and acceptance struck out with mindless rage and suffocating neediness, as  did i, pushing away the very thing so desperately wanted.

Damaged children become damaged adults whether they have fur, feathers, scales or skin.   

But we both learned that the damage of past pain can be turned into  something good and used to benefit others.   it doesn't have to define us. 

Just like the pup in the article above (click to read) my, no longer manky, puss cat visits the elderly who are unable to get out, sits with a look of utter disbelief on his face while fumbly old hands rub his ears, gazes into their half blind eyes,  purrs into their deaf ears, controls his ill humour for the duration.  the comforted comforting.   the accepted accepting.   the loved loving.

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