Monday, 23 March 2015

Got the Budget Blues: Take One

You must know by now that the budget has been and gone and, maybe, you have absorbed the parts that impact your life, positively and negatively......maybe???   

Have you noticed that depending on which newspaper you read or TV channel you watch there appear to be several different versions reported?   but only one apparent background in The House of Commons?

I've always held a sneaky suspicion that the government we see on TV is actually a Photoshop  mash-up of our beloved politicians their faces, like those old end of pier seaside "Punch & Judy" cutouts, added to old footage.   what looked like budget 2015 had the bodies of budget 2014, 2013, 2012.   last year's bodies spouting this year's buzz words.

                                    add face where you see fit. 

What you DIDN'T see was that mr cameron's big toe was stuck in the tap of his hot tub as he slowly submerged.   those bubbles aren't from a bottle of shower gel but a nice Moet, and that isn't a massage Sam-Cam is delivering it's the kill shot.   no wonder he looked pained.

Mr osborne wasn't standing in front of the backbenches at all, but at his local hunt.   yes....those baying, crowing Tories you thought you saw were actually rabid beagles !!!    and they were getting ready to tear you apart slowly, one £ at a time while beating you with their order papers and insisting you sign an affidavit to the effect that  "we are all in this together".

What of mr duncan-smith?  where was his body while his face sat with it's habitual  expression of disbelief at the frailness of humanity?   i can tell you where he wasn't?   he wasn't at our food bank witnessing the shame of a recently sanctioned mother of three.   she couldn't attend the job centre as she had an interview for a permanent job that clashed with a training day.   she told them......they didn't believe her.  she didn't get the job as 50 turned up for one position.   she sent in proof from the company that held the interviews but it will take several weeks to verify and re-instate her benefits.  till then all praise to the church who made it possible for her children to have a hot meal for a few days.   no wonder mr d-s looked uncomfortable.

Did you know the disabled live with a permanent budget?   more like a profit and loss sheet really.   it's not only financial either.   every moment of every day is spent weighing up the cost of the next moment, constantly balancing whether the reward is greater than the price or at least equal.  it's an exhausting existence but also incredibly satisfying when you get it right.

Would it be ok with you if i spent the next few posts allowing my mind to meander around that theme?   next time let's look at the social profit and loss sheet, we'll get the Budget Blues Take two

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Anonymous said...

Well I thought I'd try one more time to comment, I'll go anonymous and see if that works, having gone through the sign up with Google process, getting passwords and names etc, anyway.....on with the comment....just wanted to say that......Politics, budgets, don't mean a thing to me, I'm not made that way and let the big boys play their games.....however I did take interest in the lady and job and food banks being an essential part of our society.......and we all have to balance our incoming/outgoings wether it be money, health, sleep, play etc......unless you are mega rich but even then one would have to check how much is spent on the bubblies :-) Sue x