Tuesday, 14 April 2015

This Adventure Called Life

Is the cat going up or is he going down the steps   up?  down?........down?  up?.......in...... out..... in......out......shake.... it..... all..... about......  try squinting......sit back in the chair ...... lean right forward.... wave your hands in the air.

On my laptop he's going up, but on my phone he's going down.   

Most people have said down, the erudite reply below came from someone i love dearly and, although i'm pretty certain it's a piss take, makes a lot of sense.

After careful consideration I would conclude down.
The light at the end is very bright, suggestive of sky. There is a definite stone lip protruding from the step, someone suggested it was a grip on the top of the step but it looks much more like that is the flagstone on the top of the step. This is given credence by the fact that the face of the step is of rough unfinished concrete.

Clever though isn't it?    it's like those magic eye pictures where a shape forms out of what seems like random colours.    i could only do those if they were behind glass so i could focus on the reflection. 

There was a shop in The Metro Centre, where i had my bizniz before my body broke, that displayed them on the mall and i would stand in front of them making wonky faces trying to see the unseeable.   one afternoon i was busy swaying, screwing up eyes, bobbing and weaving in front of a HUGE framed one when a gentleman came out of the shop and asked if i was interested in buying it.   in my inimitable form i waved my arms around and raved about how wonderful the brain is to find an image from such a lurid and clashing mix of colour that nobody in their right mind would put together in a painting and....... yes......you've got it........it wasn't a magic eye picture, it was a real piece of modern art worth more than i earned in a year and......yes.......he was the artist. 


That just about sums up my life really.    i don't know how i get in the corners i find myself in.    how on earth did i get from south coast seaside town to Wales to Cornwall to London to Bath to Cambridge to "nice" private estate to inner city north east to an island in the middle of the north sea to a little market town and plenty of stops in between?    it's like i make it up as i go along, as i did with Mr artist.
None of us are born with a road map to show the way, i think most of life is guesswork, chance, error, hope with a little knowledge thrown into the mix.   the next breath could change the course of the future and send me down paths i could never begin to imagine.   whether that's scary or exciting i don't know, probably a bit of both.   next week i'm having an MRI scan and quite a few people have asked if i'm nervous as it's supposed to be quite frightening, but i'm actually looking forward to it.   it's something i haven't experienced before, a chance to learn something new, a chance to talk with knowledgeable people, a time in the car with a lady i love to chat with........ another adventure.   

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