Tuesday, 5 May 2015

To Care Or Not To Care

I hope those of you who know me well are impressed by the fact that i've avoided politics during this frenetic, over hyped time of General Election, and i hope you'll forgive me for succumbing to commenting on an issue that i can't ignore.
I know some of you feel  apolitical,  that "it's not for me", but anyone who has a heartbeat is subject to politics every moment of every day and to abdicate that responsibility is the way to losing our remnants of democracy.
For instance employment is subject to politics via wage levels, the right to join a union, taxes, national insurance, and at the other extreme unemployment support if you lose your job.

Disability and sickness and old age are totally at the mercy of politics and we are all going to face that unholy trinity at some point in our lives no matter how young and healthy we are now.   did you know that until recently,  when they put on a more friendly face, UKIP was committed to decommissioning the NHS?   and  did you know the Conservative party tried everything in it's power to stop the formation of the NHS right back at it's inception and a large number of it's politicians are still of the opinion that we should have an insurance based health system like the U.S. and are slowly working towards this by privatising step by  incremental  step.

Disability has been made a hugely political issue by this government and has affected millions of lives.   for the first time there was universal booing at the Paralympic Games when George Osborne gave out medals.  Such a response at an overwhelmingly feelgood event is unheard of.  watch the video link below


People are dying because of the cuts and changes to disability benefits, dying of hunger, dying by suicide.   Read this shocking article and ask how you can not be involved.


Last year when i had to re-apply for disability benefits i was turned down and informed i had to take steps to prepare for employment.   my spine has nine different defects with additional problems radiating out from head to toe and i'm in constant pain and exhaustion, how could i find a job?   retirement rescued me from the soul destroying process of appealing the decision, an appeal that can take up to a year without any payment until it's over, that's how the disabled are dying of hunger under this government.

I wouldn't dream of telling you how to vote, but i would ask that you look hard at how different parties are planning to care for the most vulnerable in your land, your town, your street, your friends, your family, yourself !!!   and place your X accordingly.


Anonymous said...

I dont normally vote......but this time I will...not because people/friends tell me I should, or that it's my duty blah blah blah.....but because this time my conscience is telling me it's the right thing to do....Val xx

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

good for you my friend. respect. xxx