Monday, 25 May 2015

Tutorial On The Wonders of Blogspot

Isn't technology wonderful ?........isn't it ?.........umm hello ???.......say, "yes jeni, technology is wonderful"...........oh come on, sound as though you mean wouldn't be reading these scintillating words from the depths of the jeni universe without it.........ok, have it your own way........ I think technology is absolutely amazing.   For those of us condemned to spend too much time in the containment bubble called home the internet can open windows onto the world.   where, once, we strode amongst the stars at will, embracing all that life offered,  it could  feel stifling without this outlet.     

So, in the spirit of enlightenment  i would ask my more computer literate friends to be patient while i answer a couple of techie questions some of my readers have  asked about using this site.   hopefully the peculiarities of google wont blow your mind.

For those who would like to receive an email whenever i write  something new, have a look at the top right of this page and you'll see "follow by email".    if you type your email address in the box underneath and press submit.........hey are safely in my subscriber list.   you wont get junk mail from google.........just notifications from me......simples!

Next tutorial by request from my lovely friend Val who would be keen to read comments from other people.     val and i shared various flats in Bath when we were about 17 ish ???  and this blog has put us back together again.    i THINK this was one of the houses we lived i right val ?

To make a comment follow these easy peasy, lemon squeazy  steps:
at the bottom of the page you'll see a pencil with how ever many comments have been made  OR  "no comments".    click on "comments"  OR  "no comments".    (not logical i know.  it should say "comment" cos you want to write a comment !!  take it up with google)

a box will open up with "enter your comment"   so type your words of wisdom in  the box.   

underneath the box  you'll  see "comment as"  with a little arrow.    click on the arrow and a list of choices will drop down, choose  "Anonymous".    

then click on the blue "publish" and you should be all honky dory.

if you want people to know who you are just sign your comment with your name.   you can have conversations with others and respond to their comments.    you might make friends with my friends cos my friends are very fine people.

your comment wont show up straight away as it gets sent to me to give the go ahead.    that's to stop strangers putting nasty comments just to be.........well,  nasty !!  sad, i know, but true.    the internet has the down side that it gives anonymity to those who just want to trash anything good.

Finally, i have started a Facebook page........i know, i know........consorting with the dark side.   

That's all folks.    get commenting if you'd like to and thank you for indulging me.


Anonymous said...

If that isBrunswick Place, then yes we did live there... with a church opposite that rang its bells every 15 mins.....No wonder were the way we are...dont forget you have to prove your not a robot to post a comment !!!! strange but true...Val xx

Simon said...

If you don't want to be anonymous you can just select Comment as: Name/URL. Put your name in the relevant box. You can safely ignore the URL bit. I wanted to prove I wasn't a robot by having an original and abstract, emotionally meaningful thought. But google wouldn't let me :'(

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

thanx for that you two. we'll get to grips with ghastly google eventually