Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Healing Word


This converted to the dark side, deal with the devil, Facebook groupie was pulled up short yesterday and forced to do a reality check.    the very  sweet piccie  that  heads  this  post  is  from  a  lovely  site recommended by one of my beloved F.B.  young people.    i love it......the site not the piccie........though i love the piccie fact the site has me so excited that  i've  downloaded  a year's  worth of inspirationals........sit up in the back row and stop groaning........or i'll download  A  SECOND  YEAR'S  WORTH !!!!!.........and just to prove i'm not making an empty threat.............

Anyway........there were some nice comments about this graphic.....and the sentiment.   lots of agreement and those empty on-line promises that are easy to make since nobody is going to know if you break them, as you can only be seen by a  chosen username.........."dragonlady",  in case you are interested, or boring old jeni.........must get more imaginative.   but, alongside all the affirmations was a heartbreakingly honest and valid complaint..........."that's easy to say when life is good but what about when it all falls apart and you've lost everything and everyone?"   unsurprisingly an uncomfortable slience ensued  in cyberspace.   even She Who Is Never Silent was without words.

That heart's cry kept me company  through the night,  and woke me instead of the usual feline demand for breakfast.   it goaded me as i tried to read the Guardian over breakfast and impinged on my lunch.   maybe........perhaps........the answer isn't as easy as i would like, but perhaps there is an answer.

Is that too simplistic?    i'd like to think not.    it's what i held on to during seemingly impossible times in my life.    the dogged belief that this CAN'T last forever, even though it FELT like forever, and it felt like forever would never end.     at times trite platitudes would make me angry.......but that very anger was,  perhaps,  a sign of was response.....and response equates to looking ahead to the outcome of your anger......and that equals life......and life equals hope.
The clumsiness of my attempt to voice what i feel.....felt...... is why we fall back on inspirational sayings.    we lack the vocabulary to express ourselves,  not wanting to  hurt those struggling, yet  desperately wanting to reach out,  help ease the pain, as others did for me.    the alternative, to stay silent, is even worse as it implies lack of concern, lack of empathy.   

So..........please don't think i publish happy thought pictures or encouraging quotes flippantly, blithely.    quite the opposite.    they are an integral part of this blog because i do believe they hold truth, even if sometimes their truth is hard to see let alone incorporate into our lives. 

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