Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mr & Mrs Public

Isn't it brilliant when one of your oft  voiced negative opinions, or ideas,  gets totally shot out of the water?    when you unexpectedly encounter the complete opposite of your previous peeve and scuttle home with the proverbial tail between the  un-proverbial  legs?    sometimes it's nice to be wrong.    

After my last post the universe decided it was "Let's Bait Jeni Week, and  set her up for a fall".     it's  that tumble that has sent me running to the arms of Blogger to seek forgiveness for overlooking the unknowing Heroes in my tale of woeful shopping experiences.    they are of course Mr  Joe and Mrs Jane Public.

My lovely Caroline car/care lady and i went off with Bassett The Wheelchair to fill my freezer from our local M & S........ and before you start on about disability benefits being too high if i can afford to shop there,  consider this............. when a person can't cook, they need good quality ready meals and soups for health............it would be much  nicer  be able to cook,  and eat,  REAL  food !!!   

Now,  this  isn't one of the little Simply Food M & S shops but the  B I G    mother-ship store.  you know........the one with all the knickers and not enough checkouts.    as i only have transport twice a month i use this time to stockpile the essentials of life.    that's a lotta soup and a lotta ready meals and a lotta aisle blocking with my pink chariot.    

Up to the plate steps............TA DA......... MR JOE PUBLIC !!!   Mr 6 foot  Joe  Public  no less.........Mr  dishy 6 foot Joe Public.     the  lovely Caroline is not quite 5 foot.    as she struggled on tippie toes to reach the last mulligatawny soup  right at the back of top shelf,  this Adonis smiles down to my 3 foot level and without breaking a sweat or crooking an elbow passes said soup over with a flourish.    first thought ? how i wish i were 30 years younger!   second thought ? how kind.

Next up ?  Mrs Jane Public.   when you are down low in a wheelchair, taking up twice as much space as everybody else, and taking twice as long to manage even simple tasks, it's very easy to start apologising for existing, and wishing it were possible to do that Honey I Shrunk The Kids thing.   so..........there i was, blocking  access to the cheeses, looking round frantically for a  disappeared Caroline with trolley, lap full of cheddar and parmesan,  desperately trying to back away without crushing people's toes,  when a  lovely  lady  smiled and quietly said  "take your time there's no rush........your boas  look  lovely, by the way".  from there a conversation grew about her disabled daughter who would love my pinkly, feathered accoutrements and the difficulties of life with wheels.   we parted feeling like life long friends and i totally forgot that moments before there had been a desire to be minimised.

So.........Mr Joe.........Mrs Jane........thank you for restoring my faith in mankind  +  ladykind  +  shopperkind.   if ever you read this, know that your small actions  had huge ramifications.  you made a jaded muppet's trip out a pleasure where it could have been a trial.     thank you   xxx

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