Monday, 10 August 2015

The Domino Derby Of Life

It's most odd how the universe seems to make of our lives a game of domino derby, lining up events in neat collapsible rows until, eventually, they reach a critical mass and with a deep breath.......tipple topple over each other like an unruly game of skittles, as we sit in bemused awe wondering........where on earth, or otherwise, did THAT little cascade come from.

my most recent cosmic waterfall event started a few weeks ago in Marks & Spencer........where else for high class epiphanies?   whilst gazing aimlessly at their greeting card selection hoping to avoid the inevitable boredom of food shopping a voice from the void said "it's jeni? ....jeni from Theocracy Bookshop?!!" ......that's me by the way.    it was the mum of sisters who had worked for me over a decade ago.   we have a quick catch up of where, when, what and as she leaves i push my email address into her hand.   Shortly after that i joined Facebook and looked for sarah and rachel but their married surnames had floated into the abyss, beyond recall and i give up.  domino number one topples.

Over the next couple of weeks i travel the interweb highway finding several of my old team, all grown up now some with families of their own.    chatting with them about our shared past i become quite nostalgic for my bizniz and it's people, there's a restlessness that niggles in the night and wont let me sleep.    domino number two tumbles.

The hunt for faces from the past pours over into a blog post.   any hope that writing would exorcise this itch is futile, to the contrary it feeds my hunger to find more people.   one name keeps popping up "does anyone know where Lisa is?".   domino number 3 tilts.
Trying to find the right words for the blog post i randomly Google Theocracy Bookshop looking for inspiration.......and we are still there!!   didn't expect that.   there's also an article from 2011 that grieves in it's comments our closure seven years earlier.   it's written by a gentleman with a familiar name.......and there's a Facebook link !!......and he remembers Lisa.    domino number four tips.

Elsewhere, from a galaxy far far away, Sarah emails me......yay! her mum HAD passed on my address, we arrange to meet up THE NEXT WEEK!!!
domino number 5 totters.
Over coffee and M & S......there they are again.......choux  pastries Sarah and i reminisce for hours as though we had never been apart.   she tells me about her work and family, i share my theory of time not existing, that we simply step sideways into, and out of, each other's lives that's why there's no sense of distance.   she remembers Lisa.   

         ........... domino number six is almost ready to.................

..........that night i wake from a dream in which i'm peeling a............
                                         !!!   GOT IT   !!!
and they all come tumbling down in a cataract of memory and affection.
                              I REMEMBER LISA'S SURNAME

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