Monday, 24 August 2015

A Hat Fit For Life

What we are as adults is strongly coloured by the events and people in our lives during our troubled teen years.    that time of tantrums and tears, experiment and excitement, angst and agony.   go on.....admit that you remember what it was like......that time when you were groping around trying on various  hats, testing   them to  find the one that was  the   perfect   shape.   tossing authority style titfers out of your pram with the disgust only an adolescent can adequately achieve.....ohhh yes.....i KNOW you remember !

"Put on yer Titfer and let's go for a Ball of Chalk."

Often, lonesome teens find a parent substitute, a person with a lifestyle that's a pendulum swing away from  home,  someone  exotic,  different, a person they can practise being human with, who will open doors previously so closed their existence was as unknown as an intergalactic wormhole.   someone bearing  the perfect hat, a hat that can be worn with pride, a hat seemingly moulded precisely for that moment, a once in a lifetime time fit.    once that hat is perched on the pubescent head it can play it's part in forming the future adult.

But.......what happens if the recipient of aforesaid titfer emerges from this process wearing an Ascot Ladies Day type creation, as i did, rather than a sensible beret or boater?   What happens conform or......YOU   SHINE !!!!

The hat that found me was made of satin and velvet, with sequins and embroidery and peacock feathers waving aloft.   it glittered and sparkled with fairy dust and  i wore stars on my brow, the moon in my hair.......or.......maybe........that  was  simply too much hallucinogen!!!!   

Whatever headgear embraced you, moulded you, is you.   whether it's a cap, trilby, or top hat if it feels right then it is right......for you.    some of the saddest people i've known are those who are exhausted by a lifetime of attempting to squeeze their noddle into somebody else's idea of the correct millinery......result?  chronic migraine.


Anonymous said...

You are a very very clever lady my friend xx Val

Slimypants said...

I suggest a Mad Hatters tea party!