Saturday, 26 March 2016

Resurrection Morning

At a time when nation seems to be at war with nation, governments are in conflict with their citizens, creed condemns creed, anger and antagonism are the common languages in the media, in Parliaments and among families, Easter Sunday seems to be a good day to remember that it doesn't have to be like this.

No matter what  you do or don't believe, at the root of all our main religions is the human heart's cry for reconciliation and forgiveness.   it's man who over the centuries has taken what begins as a force for good and peace and twisted it into a dogmatic, didactic, doctrine and it's man who in response has turned his ignorance and anger against those who believe differently.

We can be better than that, you can be better than that, i can be better than that.   peace begins with each one of us putting forgiveness into practise, recognising that difference enhances humanity, understanding that how we live is as important as what we believe or whether we believe.

We are all in need of redemption because our humanity is flawed.  we have inherited the weaknesses and insecurities of our parents and passed them on to our children and they in turn to theirs, "the sins of the fathers" as it used to be phrased. We can't remedy the past, either that of our predecessors or our own, but we can in humility take responsibility for our attitudes, harsh words, misdeeds and attempt to make amends, ask forgiveness, work towards changing our less than noble traits, aspire to be more humane.

That's the core message of Easter, there is always hope,  we can start again, we can  be the change we need in our world, it begins with you, it begins with me.   change happens one person at a time.... a positive pyramid scheme.
Resurrection Morning a good time to be human.


gwen said...

Loving your blogs Jeni Paul ! You are sure an inspiration lovely lady ! Hope to see you soon x

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

Thank you kind lady. If you are interested you can pop your email address in the box at the top right of the blog page and you'll get a mail whenever anything new is written. You will get an email from "Feedburner" with a link to click to activate. If you don't get the feedburner email within a day or two have a look in your "junk" folder.