Friday, 19 August 2016

Tomato Or Not Tomato


There's going to be a heat wave, they said....

Super hot summer, they said....

Let's grow tomatoes, we said....

Played our part we did, loved them, fed them, watered them, tended them, nurtured them....


did the sun didn't play fair?   oh no it didn't.... not yet anyway.


Our little corner of Northumberland has had that infuriating weather cycle that sees  blue skies and sunshine at dawn and dusk, then for the rest of the day thick dark cloud rolls in and we descend into a mini ice age with high winds and rain.   having to put central heating on in August as i did last night is positively apocalyptic, enough to send a girl apoplectic.

So there they sits more like goose-gogs than tomatoes, green, hairy, SMALL !!!   but growing, oh yes definitely growing.   If August did what August should do they would be turning orange and getting fat by now, definitely tomato-ish in fact.   but we don't give up, there are four more growing weeks to go.... if the sun would shine.


We console ourselves with the knowledge that it's our first experiment, we started a few weeks later than optimal, our corner of the yard is in shade part of the day, we live in the north east and it was 10* last night.   Ten degrees.   TEN  DEGREES  IN AUGUST.

Despite knowing the science, surely there is something akin to trusting in miracles when burying a seed in cold darkness and confidently expecting a lush, green transmogrification to ensue with the warming of the world.   Of course all gardeners are optimists.... particularly if they live north of Watford Gap.  


To remain sane us humans convince ourselves that we live in an ordered world over which we have a modicum of control.  A + B + C = D.... or does it?   "hardworking families" will enjoy the benefits of their toil.... or do they when earning minimum wage?   stick to the speed limit and you will be safe.... but what about that idiot coming towards you on the wrong side of the road?   eat healthily, exercise and you will be hale and hearty into old age.... don't genetics play a role?  water and tend your tomatoes and you will reap a harvest.... unless the sun plays hookey.

If you want a short, sharp epiphany about the insecurities of life do some gardening. and if, as looks likely, the summer in little Hexham is a total washout we can always make green tomato chutney. 


Anonymous said...

Haha, found this very amusing, thanks Jeni
Suesue x

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

we haven't given up..... not yet !!