Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Curiosity Killed The Cat

I am cat
   I am cunning

     I am fearless

       I am insufferably curious

BUT..... i'm not like you, i don't think like you.  i may be sentient and intelligent but i have no concept of the future or the possible ramifications of my actions so i behave impulsively in your eyes, perhaps stupidly, thoughtlessly but i can be no other because.... I AM CAT.

When the postman left his van door open, all i saw was a little room i had never explored before, so i jumped in.  when the door next opened i was somewhere totally different.  frightened and in panic i jumped out to a place that looked and smelled alien with an unrecognisable skyline. 

When that mouse scurried across my path i HAD to chase it.  mouse = lunch,  mouse = fun, mouse = run.  i didn't know it was  in the middle of a road until i was caught in the headlights of your car, then no mouse, no fun, no run.... just blackness.

I was quietly sitting by my gate in the sun waiting for my humans when your dog galloped towards me barking, barking, barking.  no time for paws, no time for claws so i ran and ran.... but i ran too far and now all the gates look the same and i can't find  mine.

It could have been so different.  you could have checked your vehicle was empty or closed its door.    you could have driven more slowly on that bend.   you could have put your dog on a lead if you can't control it. my homeless brethren who survive the cars, the cold, the cruelty only live for about three years, three miserable, hungry, lonely years filled with sickness and fear. 

That's why i'm lying under this hedge desolate, shivering, starving, dying.   it's going to snow tonight but that's ok, it will cover my little body and in the morning my final indignity will be hidden from the eyes of those who didn't care.

Did you know there are NINE MILLION homeless cats in the U.K. and a quarter of a million die in car accidents every year?   and we are called a nation of animal lovers? groups like Cat's Protection (click this link http://www.cats.org.uk/ ) have subsidised neutering schemes, support and neuter feral colonies, advertise and try to reunite lost pets with their owners and, if that proves impossible, re-homes them.   that's why i'm fostering The Indomitable Fred who came to me so malnourished he lost his teeth, fur and muscle.   it was 50/50 whether he would survive. he's now a sturdy, sleek, black panther.   can you help save a furry life this winter?  if you purchase online there are dozens of companies such as ebay, Amazon, Argos, Sainsbury's that will donate to a charity of your choice every time you shop.   it doesn't cost you a penny more.   have a look at the link below.   maybe you could help support Fred find his forever home.


Kathy C said...

Fred is amazing! You've completely transformed him.
It's not always straightforward to "think cat", though I am totally in agreement with your suggestions above. Our cat, Merry, has ended up shut in cupboards innumerable times, after I just didn't see her creep in. Even more of a challenge is Marley, the young cat from a couple of doors down the road, who just loves exploring everyone else's sheds and greenhouses, given the tiniest opportunity to sneak in. So far he's always been found again in time, but I fear for him...

anne said...

I saw this on my email first and thought the Indomitable Fred had succumbed!!! Imagine my relief when I opened it. Actually I think you might be a little unfair on van drivers - working vans usually have lots of nooks and crannies into which a feline could insert themselves and be hidden. Garden sheds are the same. Beautifully written though. Looking forward to meeting him. xx

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

widget would get locked in somewhere over weekends and come back with a raging thirst and HUNGRY

jane witherspoon said...

Its a brilliant read and so true... Well done Jeni xxx

lona hawdon said...

its brilliant.

barbara said...

Put it on Cat Protection Facebook page people will love it