Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Twisty Turny Path of Time

I find the longer my sojourn on this spinning orb of water and rock the more friends are gathered along the way.   everybody needs a hobby and i collect humans.   so,  not  simply  the  "crazy cat lady" but also the "crazy people person".........though it has to be admitted that cats are far cuter and much funnier on video.

Can you remember the name of the kiddlie who most often sat next to you in primary school?   or your "very bestest fwend ever"?   how about the the muppet who was your  " very bestest fwend ever"  the next week ??   or the next ??   there are some who can remember the names of those they were at nursery with !!!    now that really does freak me out as i don't remember anybody before age 15.   

When i look on Friends Reunited there isn't a single name i recognise and the few people of my year i've  messaged don't remember me either.    of course  you  know my theory  don't you?......... i'm actually an alien......    the mother ship left me here to improve and will come back once they think i've  ceased to be a disruptive's probably that my generation are less likely to be computer literate........but that's boring.

Throughout  adulthood there have been  friends who have  moved on,  or i've had a bout of gypsy feet and left them behind.    some i  still miss and regret not making an effort to keep the connection,  some were probably best left  and forgotten,  and others i don't even remember to forget.......or should that be forget to remember........i can't remember.

Occasionally though there are those special faces who leave for a while......sometimes a long while.........and then life takes one of those strange twisty, twirly,  turns and they re-appear,  and that twist becomes a time warp,  and the time warp becomes a grand reunion,  and the grand reunion steps back onto the conveyer belt of time and it's like those years between had never passed and you had shared this universe without ceasing.   

Some of you who share this blog are my time traveling friends and i want you to know how very, very glad i am that we found each other and then re-found each other again,  even though many miles might lie between us now.   somehow i can't help feeling that wherever and whenever  life leads,  our paths will intersect.

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