Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Salute to the Brave

Sometimes people say to me,  "you are so brave" when they discover how damaged my spine,  is and how much it hurts.   my response is always the same  "no, not brave.    stubborn?  yes.    bloody minded?  yes.   accustomed? yes.   unheeding? yes.   impervious? yes.   brave? no".

Bravery is another beast altogether and i truly don't know how i would act if ever i had to face a situation that calls for it.    in the past, righteous anger has impelled me to take a stand in a risky situation and i can honestly say i really didn't like the pounding heart rate, clammy hands, nausea that followed.   living with pain and the accompanying restrictions that disability bring cannot be classed as bravery for one simple's unsought. 
True bravery is seen in the actions of the chinese student who stood in front of tanks, moving left and right to match them as they tried to move round him, knowing that many of his peers had died, been beaten, and disappeared into custody following the Tiananmen Square protest the previous day.   
True bravery was shown by Mother Maria who was killed at Ravensbruck concentration camp in the second world war when she took the place of a Jewish mother to save her from the gas chamber.

True bravery is shown every day by the many who risk their lives to save others.   those who  undergo painful medical procedures to donate bone marrow or organs to a sick loved one.   by our rescue service men and women who go into burning buildings, sail on stormy seas, face down hostile crowds.   by those who risk persecution and death for their faith, for their politics, for freedom.   they know what they are walking into and make a decision not to turn away.

Pain and disability are imposed on a person so there's no bravery involved, as no choice has been made.  given an option i definitely would not choose these limitations and sleepless nights.   by nature i would always choose satin over sackcloth,  pleasure over pain.    by nature i'm a confirmed wimp,  a committed  wuss.   by nature a tabby not a tiger.   

Brave?...... .. no.........honest ?........hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend it is not suffering alone which would make someone say you are brave. No it is the attitude you show in the midst of it all- the battle starts between the eyes- one lesson many could learn from you about x

brokenbutstillstanding62 said...

thank you. that's kind.