Thursday, 28 May 2015

Walk In My Shoes

Can you spot the customer care failure in this photo ?     no, not that the counter is too high, it needs to be that height for you biped people.   there's nobody to greet the gentleman ?  no, even receptionists need to pee sometimes.   can't you see it ?  THERE'S A BLOODY GREAT BOX   BLOCKING  THE WHEELCHAIR LEVEL SECTION.   you see it now don't you?   if you spotted it i congratulate you, not many would even think of it being a problem.

Try this photo.........
now, isn't that better.... no i don't mean the nativity set, though that is a nice touch.   us of the Limited Mobility Movement like the concept of "our" bit of counter being as wide as "theirs".

Would you feel it acceptable to approach every shop counter, reception, airport check-in,  pharmacy pick-up, even some hospital sign-in desks, on your knees and have to reach on tippy toes to use the pin machine or even be seen??  would you ??  can you begin to imagine how it feels to sit in your chariot with fingertips holding onto the edge of a ledge waving.... yes !! WAVING !! to attract  attention?   oh the shame, the shame.   oh no, not MY shame, the shame of businesses in the 21st century failing to understand how it feels to be thus diminished when accessing essential services.   click the link below to read how it felt for Kiruna of East Enders,  and know that it's a regular occurrence for many of us who don't fit the 5ft plus 2 feet on ground mould.

Perhaps business leaders, and those who work for them, would benefit from a day strapped  into a wheelchair, not allowed out for any reason including comfort stops and ablutions.    i would leave them to navigate round a hypermarket  with a list of items, from the top and bottom shelves, to be purchased.   they would have to track down  the lift, following signs obscured by high shelving, only to discover the call button at 4ft level,  and once inside discover the button for the top floor is......right at the top !!  

They would have to run the gauntlet of shoppers annoyed by the fact that a wheelchair takes up a lot of space when the aisles are blocked by the huge cages used to re-stock shelves.   On their list of items to be purchased would be bread from the bakery  and cheese from the deli  and  fresh meat from the butcher and fish, and, and, and..... oh every high  shelf i  could find.

I would lurk behind an advertising stand to watch as they tried to manoeuvre through the narrow space between check-outs and reach the conveyer with a basket full of groceries as the assistant tapped her fingers and rolled her eyes to heaven at their uncoordinated attempts to lift the basket and deposit it safely without it tipping,  because they are too low down.   

Finally, as the piece-de-resistance, i would set off the fire alarms!!!!  do you know how hard it is to see exit signs when your eyes are at knee level?   try it........i challenge you.   

Or maybe, because i'm a merciful soul, i would spare them all that embarrassment and distress and simply suggest they read the article below.   as they need to walk a mile in a person's shoes etc etc.....

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